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The true locus of personal transformation is in a contained and secure liminality.”

                                                                                                              - Robert Moore, Archetype of Initiation

Personal transformation requires liminal space - space set aside to hear, feel, smell, see, and touch what lies just beneath the waterline of everyday life. The below courses provide such space for individuals to engage their inner work in a contained and secure group space led by shadow work facilitator, Dr. Michael Simmons. Courses are offered through the Companioning Center, a non-profit organization which provides resources for personal and relational healing and wholeness.


Shadow Work for Emotions & Relationships

Wednesdays, April 10th-May 8th | 9am-11am PST


How do you experience hard emotions like fear and anger? Do you struggle to feel sadness and even joy?

This course offers tools and language for exploring and integrating your “shadow,” the parts of our humanity we hide, repress, and deny. We'll explore concepts such as core emotions, counter-emotions, projections etc. for ongoing inner work and relational wholeness.


Spirituality of Dreaming: Reading Group

Alternating Fridays, April 12th - May 24th, 2024 | 9am - 10:30am PST


Do you wish to understand your dreams? Do you dream, but struggle to recall them, or feel frustrated by only remembering fragments and seemingly inconsequential images and feelings?  This unique reading group offers an opportunity to be curious about our dreams, or "sleeping selves" in a safe, theologically-informed container. Participants will cultivate greater relationship with their dreams and awaken to the whole-making potentials they offer.


Companioning Our Shadow: Welcoming Emotions

Asynchronous (Self-paced)

How do you experience hard emotions like fear and anger? Do you struggle to feel sadness and even joy? This 2 hour virtual experience offers clarity and foundational language for engagement with our emotional life. Welcoming our emotions offers incredible power to transform our lives, relationships, and communities. Join Michael Simmons through a paradigm-shifting (Recorded) experience.

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