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Inner Work Courses

The true locus of personal transformation is in a contained and secure liminality.”

                                                                                                              - Robert Moore, Archetype of Initiation

Personal transformation requires liminal space - space set aside to hear, feel, smell, see, and touch what lies just beneath the waterline of everyday life. The below courses provide such space for individuals to engage their inner work in a contained and secure group space led by shadow work facilitator, Michael Simmons. Courses are offered through the Companioning Center, a non-profit organization which offers courses and resources for personal and relational healing. 

Shadow Work for Leaders & Soul Companions

Shadow Work for Leaders & Soul Companions 

Friday, November 3rd

Shadow work is any practice that builds relationships with the hidden and essential parts of our humanity. It involves expanding our awareness to see blind spots in ourselves and others. 

What can shadow work offer pastors, religious leaders, spiritual directors, and chaplains? How can engagement with this work reduce the risk of harm in spiritual/religious settings?

Individuals and communities can heal from religious betrayal or spiritual disillusionment as they reimagine spiritual practice through the lens of shadow work. So, how can we cultivate communities that value and practice shadow work?

Connie Zweig, in her book Meeting the Shadow on the Spiritual Path, addresses these questions and more. Meeting the shadow may be challenging, but its rewards are profound for our spirituality. And it's essential inner work for those who wish to guide others. In a conversational seminar style event, Connie will unpack how shadow work, and spiritual leadership go hand-in-hand, and are necessary for personal and communal wholeness. 


Companioning Our Shadow: Welcoming Emotions

Asynchronous (Self-paced)

How do you experience hard emotions like fear and anger? Do you struggle to feel sadness and even joy? This 2 hour virtual experience offers clarity and foundational language for engagement with our emotional life. Welcoming our emotions offers incredible power to transform our lives, relationships, and communities. Join Michael Simmons through a paradigm-shifting (Recorded) experience.

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