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Retreats & Group Facilitation

Teams may be aware of one another's strengths, but we are made up of more than our strengths and what we bring to the table. We are also made up of what we do not bring to the table, our weaknesses, stories, traumas and fears. These shadowed parts of us hold vital life-energy, though we often do not know how to integrate them into the complexities of the group. This results is off-balanced individuals and under-functioning and dysfunctional teams. 

Michael offers retreats and group facilitation for teams and staffs to safely and intentionally tap into their collective raw materials and move into sustainable, vulnerable and life-giving mission engagement. 

Michael is a trained group facilitator, skilled at helping individuals and groups thrive as they discover the unplumbed depths within. He offers group facilitation for any leadership team or staff looking to grow in depth, vulnerability and trust in order to be healthy and on mission. 


Tools and Language

  • Core Emotions

  • Projections & Transferences

  • Boundaries

  • Non-Violent Communication

  • Intent vs. Impact

  • Enneagram & MBTI

  • Psychodrama

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